THANK YOU! With your help, last year we raised $26,400 for Daily Bread Food Bank’s Holiday Drive! A whole new collection of DailyFlags start to unfurl December 1st.

In the meantime here are some behind-the-scenes stories and images from this year’s flags in progress. Enjoy!


Flag 23: Scissors, saris, stones

DailyFlag for DailyBread Flag 23 sneak peak: hinting at a marriage of high and low-tech?12308180_666281306845191_8110186115015766969_o.jpg12295443_666292950177360_4663711335148634909_n.jpg12309909_666281316845190_4447246733622691018_o.jpg

Each and every one of this year’s flags will be posted here advent-calendar-style from Dec. 1… But you’re welcome to donate on behalf of the project to Daily Bread Food Bank at any time by going here.

Let’s feed this city!


Flag 10: Harvesters + Manga = Great Flag

This year’s Flag 10 (in progress) may be a commentary on the”Cities need Farmers” movement… Flag_10a.jpg

…or is it just that they like trains and combine harvesters depicted in a Manga-type style?



Flag 21: Layer cake

Flag 21 is a complex layering of seasonal images (and croissants, which are great any time of year!).


The flag-maker taught themselves Photoshop (with a little help from another flagmaker) to combine all the images into… something that will be revealed on December 21st.


Flag 23: Living colour!

Will we need sunglasses in December? Flag 23 looks like it will be using the whole colour palette available!


Perhaps a reference to the 3 properties of colour, hue, intensity and value – with a very successful Flag 3 having been made by the same house last year.


Flag 13: Flower power

Flag 13 is well underway, with some help from the Elves of Violet!



Flag 4: Drink Up Your Soup!


There are signs of fervent flag-making activity on Leuty and Violet Avenues. Everyone has their own way of designing and their own way of making that design a reality.


Here’s a sneaky peak into Flag 4’s absolutely ingeniously inspired solution (we got a bit lost in some of the tech detail, but the results are stunning).


To see more of the artist’s work and follow the rather intricate assembly progress, we invite you to take at a look at this blog.